Road Charge Projects

California’s 2017 Road Charge Pilot

In an effort to ensure California’s transportation funding system can keep up with changing technology and modes of transportation, in 2014, the California State Legislature passed Senate Bill 1077 (DeSaulnier) which established a road charge pilot study that would test the feasibility of funding road and highway repairs based on how many miles a driver travels instead of how much gas they purchase.

California’s Road Charge Pilot Program launched on July 1, 2016 and ran for nine months. During that time, more than 5,000 vehicles from all over the state reported over 37 million miles driven, through six different reporting and recording methods ranging from manual methods to highly technical methods with optional location‐based services.

Vehicles on an interstate

Pilot Facts & Figures

Key Pilot Results

  • 90% would participate in another road charge program
  • 85% were satisfied with the overall pilot
  • 78% were satisfied with the security of their data
  • 73% of participants agreed that a road charge is fairer than a gas tax
Zoomed in on vehicle tire and pavement

Vehicle Types

  • Private Vehicles: 4,471 (87%)
  • Light Commercial Vehicles: 261 (5%)
  • Heavy Commercial Vehicles: 55 (1%)
  • Other Vehicles: 342 (7%)
Vehicles on an interstate

Reporting Systems

  • Plug-in device: 60%
  • Smartphone: 18%
  • Odometer Reading: 14%
  • Mileage Permit: 4%
  • Time Permit: 2%
  • Telematics: 1%
Person using a mobile phone